Electrical network with 3 phase AC supplier can be measured in 3 ways.  Active power i.e. real power measured in KW. Reactive Power measured in KVA.  Apparent Power measured in KVA.

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Power Saver Transformer with PF Corrector:

Elconn Powerex represent the next generation of dynamic power saver and power factor corrector design to provide optimum level of energy saving. The expertise of Elconn does not stop at innovating energy saving systems, it extend to a core team of engineers experienced in providing customized solutions that correct error in power consumption, so that energy utility in maintained at an optimal level always.



PowerEx Series image 2


PowerEx Series image 2


Elconn Power is an integrated modular system for each facility to effectively and economically optimize power quality providing guaranteed energy savings through reduction in active power i.e. real usage power available measured in KW (in units) and Reactive Power that part of the supply that create the induction load measured in KVAR. The reactive power, so there may not be an energy saving as such but there will be a financial saving in the form of incentive clearing from Electricity Provider. The integrated system Technology improve to save in KWH & the P.F. to the range of 0.999 for unity i.e one to give the user the incentive for maintaining power factor.

The units in available in 2 version:

  • Energy Saving Transformer with Fixed Capacitor Bank (Manual Operation )
  • Energy Saving Transformer with Automatic Power Factor Corrector (Auto Operatin)

Fixed Capacitor bank is applicable wher the load throughout the working hours is stable
APFC panel is recommended where the load fluctuates by occupancy

Key Specification & Construction :-

  • An Intelligent & efficient system to manage power consumption, measuring, controlling & saving the electricity bills.
  • Eliminates harmonic, unbalance & reactive power with new & unique Triple wound Energy Saving Transformer, which uses Zigzag ATW Technology.
  • Reduction in kWh/units consumption & Demand Charges.
  • Short circuit and over load total protection by SFU/MCB/MCCB/ACB.
  • >99% efficiency, losses recorded to 0.02% per kVA.
  • Bottom - Top entry with gland plate. Heavy duty input and output terminals special cable chamber and bus bar terminations.
  • Selectable setting and suits to site conditions for percentage saving.
  • Device with UPI impregnated high efficiency transformer coils.
  • Digital multifunction metering for monitoring power consumption.
  • Generates all types of reports of energy consumed, energy loss and wastages real time trends and Alarms.
  • Under voltage / over voltage automatic bypass system.
  • Low payback period between 6 to 16 months.
  • Easy to install and no changes in your existing LT Panel connection.
  • Life of Equipment more than 30 years.
  • Energy Saving Transformer with Capacitor Bank / APFC Panel built-in  
  • System available for Indoor & Outdoor facility
  • Energy Saving Transformer with Fixed Capacitor Bank (Manual Operation )??
  • Energy Saving Transformer with Automatic Power Factor Corrector (Auto Operating) ??