Terminology ATW Zigzag Transformer & Power Factor Corrector (PFC)

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What is power Factor?

Power Factor is a measuring tool of how efficiently electrical power is consumed. Any thing less than unity measures that extra power is required to active the actual task in hand.

What is extra power?

The extra power is known as reactive power, which unfortunately is necessary to provide a magnetizing often required by Motors and other inductive loads to perform their desire functions.

However, Reactive Power can also be interpreted as watt-less, magnetizing or wasted power and an extra burden on the electricity supply. Power Factor Correction is the term given to a technology that has been used since the turn of 20th Century to restore Power Factor to as close to unity as is economically possible.

This is normally achieved by the addition of capacitors to the electrical network, which compensate for the Reactive Power demand of the inductive load and thus reduce the burden on the supply.

How is Power Factor caused?

Most electrical equipment such as motors, compressors, welding sets and even switch start fluorescent lighting, create what is know as an inductive load on the supply.

An inductive load requires a magnetic field to operate, and in creating such a magnetic filed causes the current to “lag” the voltage ( that is the current is not in phase with the voltage)

Power Factor Correction is the process of compensating for the ‘lagging” current by applying a ‘leading’ current in the form of capacitors. This way Power Factor is adjusted closer to unity and energy waste is minimized.

Lets look at a hypothetical example :

We find a 100KW motor operating at a Power Factor of 0.80 . The total or apparent power required by the motor is actually 125KVA( 100KW /0.80). If we can improve Power Factor 0.95the total power draw from the supply will be reduced 100 KW/ 0.95 = 105 KVA

Now it is important to make clear that this is nothing to do with true power. True power is KW and the motor is still rated at 100 KW, however, the Apparent Power in this case will be cut by 16% and more importantly, the user of the motor will not be charged by his supplier for Reactive Power, so there may not be an energy saving as such but there will be a financial saving. Don’t take this as an (example of energy savings)

Benefits of Power Factor Corrector

  • Demand Charges Reduces
  • Increased load & carrying capabilities in existing circuit.
  • Voltage drop reduction in long cables
  • Reduced power system losses in the farm of reactive & apparent power not active power
  • Putting less strain on the Electricity Grid
  • Low power factor penalty from utility companies .
  • Maintaining power factor unites get incentives from utility companies.

What is ATW Zigzag Transformer ?

The new &unique Triple Wound Energy Saving Transformer which uses Zigzag ATW Technology helps you to monitor the load connected & measures the exact amount of electricity used thus ensures the required quantity power supply through Voltage Power Optimization by eliminating the losses & wastages in the power & improving the power quality and efficiency of the equipments installed in your premises.

How does the ATW Zigzag Transformer reduces the KW – Demand & KWH?

Ans: The utility meter reads the Highest phase reading or area under the curve/Sine wave and identifies all the energy under the curve.Since Wave. The ELCONN’s System reduces KW Demand and KWH through the following:

  • Optimizing Power Voltage profile, thereby increasing system efficiency and reduced running temperature of the load.
  • Balancing the three phases based on X/R, thereby reducing negative voltage sequence and circulating currents and improving system efficiency.
  • Filtering surges, transients, and broadband harmonics, thereby reducing True RMS component of Power Losses, thereby increasing system efficiency.
  • Improving Power Factor, thereby increasing system efficiency with reducing distribution losses.

Lets look at a hypothetical example:

Total Load Consumption in kWh/Units 10,000 After improvement in power quality /Purifying of power Reduces the active & reactive power balance & mitigate the harmonics With an efficiency of 99.56% energy saving transformer , minimum reduction In kW Demand Consumption @ 12% Less 1200

The Total Load Consumption in kWh/Units after ATW Zigzag X’mer 8,800 Calculation of Savings Read more…. ( link to Elconn Calculator)

Benefits of ATW Zigzag Transformer :

  • It ensure that only the required quantity of power is supplied.
  • It eliminates unbalance from the power load.
  • It constantly maintain & calculate the exact amount of power required.
  • Reduce power system losses in the form of active, reactive ,apparent & neutral current losses.
  • It eliminates the different Harmonics level from current & voltage specially 3rd,5th & 7th level.
  • Usage life of Energy Equipment is 30 years & above
  • It optimizes the voltage power to equipments according to the site requirement.

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