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Energy Saving Contribution

The following are the Real time and authentic major percentage of contribution (in 22 Hrs power consumption in Saving mode Operation compared with NON-Saving mode operation with very similar Load with the same timing in different consecutive days at TATA IDC Centre Mumbai –India ) of different factors managing the above measured parameters with help of the Elconn Energy (Power) Saving System.

  • Voltage optimizations/Reduction @ 5.21%
  • Reduction in Active Power KW/KWh (as seen by utility & Customer at Customer Premises) @ 8.78%
  • Reduction in Apparent Power (KVA)@ 18.60%
  • Reduction in Negative Current @ 21.69%
  • Increase in Power Factor (P.F.) @17%
  • Reduction THD in current 1st Level @ 34%
  • Reduction THD in current 2nd Level @ 32%
  • Reduction THD in current 3rd Level @ 53.65%
  • Reduction THD in neutral current @ 12.66%

The Elconn System has surely been designed to reduce the above factors to save the Energy Consumption & improve the Power Quality.