ATW Zigzag is unique Transformer. No other technology can match its Savings and reliability records. It is not what we are saying it our clients who are saying this, what else do we need to testify the same

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How ATW-ZIGZAG Technology Works?

The new and unique ATW technology helps eliminate harmonics, unbalance and reactive power by offsetting the zero-phase current in each phase. As shown in the diagram, the first coil is wound around the first and second limbs, the second coil around the second and third limbs, and the third coil around the third and first limbs. In each phase, these coils should be in the opposite direction from each other before connecting to the neutral wire. When the coils are wound in the opposite direction with the same magnetic flux in each phase, the zero-phase current occurring during the operation of loads is offset in each phase and automatically drops on the neutral wire. Then it leads to eliminating harmonics and unbalanced current and decreasing the phase difference between the voltage and current.

ATW Zig Zag Transformer ATW Zig Zag Transformer

An alternating current takes the form of sine wave ,but as there is more phase unbalance and harmonics (THD), the basic sine wave form gets distorted, resulting in an increase in resistance. Such an increase in the resistance causes more power consumption to keep the output constant. The frequent occurrence of unbalance in phase load , impulses and harmonics results in an increase in current consumption, power consumption, and higher resistance.

How Elconn Systems Work in different applications to Save Power?

1. Application of Neutral Current reduction

Neutral Current is Vector difference of all the three phase         
If unbalancing is more the Neutral Current is more.
For e.g. R phase = 100 amps, Y phase = 125 amps, B phase = 150 amps, then the average current is =125 amps.
The Neutral Current i.e. Wastage will be Maximum Current – Average Current.
In the above case it would be 150A -125A = 25 amps. The 25 amps is Neutral Current which is excess current wasted.

2. Applications of Harmonics.

Harmonics is nothing but disturbed waveform.
Our normal requirement is pure sine waveform, but because of the harmonics the waveform get disturbed which results in excess electricity consumption.
Harmonics are potentially damaging to electronic equipments and are known to reduce the efficiency of H.V. Transformers.
The winding of the transformers improve the source impedance for non-sinusoidal loads & combine sine waves within the winding for Harmonics attenuation, an attenuation in Total Harmonics Distortion (THD) and a marked reduction in 3rd, 5th & 7th Harmonics. This reduces electrical losses and improves equipment’s longevity.

Harmonic Current Dissipated

3. Voltage Power Optimization

Voltage Power optimization and voltage reduction are broadly the same thing.
Working any linear & non-linear(electrical) load of high voltage leads to high power consumption.

Voltage Diagram

4. Unbalance in Voltage in 3 Phase

Unbalance in Current is one of the reason of Unbalance in Voltage.
Zig Zag Technology balances the current which balances the voltage. e.g. We used same size Cable for each phase whereby the cable drop for rated current is same because the resistance is same.
If we consider the resistance is 0.04 ohm which is independent of voltage or current.
Voltage across R phase =100* 0.04=4 V, Voltage Drop across Y phase=125* 0.04=5V & For B Phase=150* 0.04 =6 V.
With Zig Zag connections, the current is balanced and the drop will be, Voltage across R phase =125* 0.04=5 V, Voltage Drop across Y phase =125* 0.04=5V & For B Phase=125*0.04 =5 V.

5. Correction of Power Factor

Elconn System can optimize the Power Factor without traditional Capacitor Banks. In most cases it has been observed that increase in Power Factor is to the extent of 2 to 5%.
By correcting the problems such as Voltage imbalance, Current imbalance, Power losses in distribution & Harmonics, a significant amount of improvement in the Power Factor problem is possible. Additionally Elconn System will monitor Power Factor with a regulator and then add Capacitors as needed to maintain Power Factor to a pre-designed level.

System Without Power Factor

6. Magnetic Core saturation

Magnetic core saturation is dependent on Voltage. As we optimize the voltage, the saturation automatically reduces.
Magnetic core saturation is the point of magnetic circuit, above that level if voltage is applied even a 1% causes a rise of 5% in no load current.

7. Old & Inefficient Equipments

Old & Inefficient Equipments draw more current resulting in wastage of electricity. Elconn Systems ensures exact supply of electricity as required, thereby cutting down the losses.

8. Losses in distribution

Losses are dependent on current (I), losses = I2 R.

More the current, more the losses and vice versa when we reduce the current, the losses also automatically reduce as “R” is constant.

9. Transient / Impulses / Voltage Fluctuations

Electrical Transients, Impulses & Fluctuations in voltage can burn out Compressors/Motors/Electronic Circuits/ Computers / Lightings & significantly damage the plant equipment. Elconn Systems capture minor surges & recycle them to usable energy.