ATW Zigzag is unique Transformer. No other technology can match its Savings and reliability records. It is not what we are saying it our clients who are saying this, what else do we need to testify the same

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5 Steps to Energy Saving

If you are interested in the concept of Elconn the next stage is to calculate how much it will actually reduce your consumption i.e. in your Electricity Bills & Carbon emission. We can calculate this for you very easily. Typically the 5 steps required are as follows

Step 1.:

We need to calculate your energy consumption. We can either send one of our electrical engineers to visit your premises to gather this information or you can send us your last one year electrical bills including current month bill.

Step 2.:

We provide you with a quotation for installing the Elconn and let you know your projected savings.

Step 3.:

If you are happy with the quote and feel the savings are significant enough for you to proceed for placing an order with Elconn.

Step 4.:

Our Engineers will then have all the information they need to manufacture the Elconn to suit your premises requirement.

Step 5.:

We can install the equipment & synchronized the committed percentage of savings along with 90 days money back guarantee as per “Elconn Saving Profile “ on the basis of Statistical Path Analysis (SPA).