The expertise of Elconn does not stop at innovating Energy Saving systems, it extends to a core team of engineers experienced in providing customized solutions that correct errors in power consumption , so that energy utility maintained at an optimal level always.

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The new & unique Triple Wound Energy Saving Transformer which uses Zigzag ATW Technology helps you to monitor the load connected & measures the exact amount of electricity used. During the use of electrical equipment , the energy wasting factors like phase unbalancing in current & voltage, harmonic distortion, transient & impulses, magnetic core saturation & reactive power occur which lead to electric losses and rise in power consumption and in turn rise in electricity bills.

This technology is designed and patented to reduce power consumption by increasing the efficiency of equipments& eliminating the power quality problems of harmonics distortion , phase unbalancing in current & voltage & by reducing reactive power (kVAr) and improving the Power Factor by using the ATW Zigzag Winding Technology with an efficiency of 99.56%

Construction of ATW Zigzag Transformers:


product_image product_image

Elconn products are manufactured indigenously, using high quality materials with the latest and unique l Technology, at our Manufacturing Plant located at Jalgaon.

We believe in offering:

a) The best quality of Equipment,
b) Value Addition along with
c) Endurance and long life so as to give excellent
d) Returns On Investments.

How Does it Work?


Elconn’s Energy Saving Equipment uses the designed and patented, ATW ZIGZAG Technology (Autotransformer Winding “ZigZag” Technology) which is ultimate for Power Conditioning & Voltage Optimization. 

This latest and unique ATW Technology helps to monitor the load connected and measures the exact amount of electricity used. During the use of electric equipments or appliances, the energy wasting factors like unbalance, harmonics & reactive power occur which leads to electric losses and rise in power consumption and electricity bills. The ATW technology helps eliminate power quality problems of harmonics, unbalance, and reactive power by offsetting the zero-phase current in each phase. It also reduces power consumption and electricity bills by increasing the efficiency of equipments. This Zig Zag Technology balances the current which inturn balances the voltage.

Analyses of Before & After Installation of Elconn Energy Management System



Deterioration of power quality
Rise in unbalance, harmonics & reactive Power. active power

Improvement of power quality
Reduces the reactive power, active
power balance & mitigates harmonics.
All with an efficiency of a 99.16% transformer quality.

Reduction in efficiency & life span
Overheat of the transformer and
cable, or mechanical malfunction              

Supply of high-quality Power
Protection of electrical equipment
increase in efficiency and extension of
lifespan of equipments.

Increase in power consumption
Unnecessary power consumption due toOld/In-efficientEquipment, In-rush Current, Magnetic Core Saturation, etc.

Power saving of 12% to 25%
Removal of energy-losses & wasting factors