Elconn has an excellent Project Management System

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Energy Audit Survey

Elconn has an excellent Project Management System and accordingly any Project undertaken by us shall be taken care by our powerful and technically skilled Operations Team to validate each aspect of the Energy Consumtion.

A well qualified and experienced Engineer team shall conduct the site visit and also determine the ultimate method of implementation and authenticate your site assessment. The entire information will be formally recorded in the form of an Energy Audit Survey Report alongwith the annual Energy bills of your proposed site. This information will be collected and delivered to the Audit Survey team at Elconn office for further scrutiny and study to recommend the perfect Equipment / Model with the capacity as maybe applicable for your Project.

In pursuance to the visit an official proposal, outlining the Project Costs and Savings, will be provided to you. Once the Proposal is accepted, Equipment manufactured, delivered, installed and commissioned your Energy Savings begins and you can wait for your monthly Bill to reflect the actual savings.

All that you get is a synchronized saving of 12% to 25% alongwith a 90 days money back guarantee as per "Elconn's Saving Profile" on the basis of Statistical Path Analysis (SPA) Calculation becomes applicable to you depending upon the analysis. Elconn Equipment has a life span of over 30 years. This is what is the Returns On Investment that you actually get.