To save on your precious time and money, our Operations Department sends its Team to do the ground work first

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Preliminary Work

To save on your precious time and money, our Operations Department sends its Team to do the ground work first i.e. conduct the physical survey of the Site for actual installation and accordingly procures the required material. The Material that we procure is branded which ensures quality of the product as well of the required and applicable accessories. We have our reputed suppliers in the market, whom we trust for their endurance. We use Aluminum Armored Cables and procure such Cables, Lugs, Glands, any other accessories, etc. from our appointed Suppliers. The material is procured considering precise lengths of the cables to avoid any wastages on your part.

As per our standard Company Policies we use Aluminum Armored Cables upto a length of 12 Meters which is non-chargeable.

Our operations team checks out the Project feasibility and accordingly if any additional requirement is there at the Site for the Cables, etc. it makes the provisions for the same. All this shall be as per the applicable charges at actuals. Once all this completed the material is ordered and delivered at the site. All this happens in conjunction with the date of delivery of the Elconn System, the date of delivery of the Material & accessories and also with the date when you can provide us the "Shut Down", which is a must for Installation.

Meanwhile, the Preliminary measurements done, delivery of the basic materials received & date of Shut Down communicated, the actual date & time of the Preliminary Work is defined, as per your convenience, which is most important.

The Operations Department gives further instruction to its Team commence the Cable Laying down process and other work for serially enable and keep ready all the connectivity so that the Elconn System / Equipment can be connected to the Main Power Supply without much time consumption required during Shut Down, which then becomes minimal.